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Price : 21.00 €

Size : 15 x 21 cm - 336 pages
Publication date : 2013/06/27

ISBN: 9782758804789

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Miki Dora
De Malibu à la Côte Basque


The biography of one of the best surfers ever, of a true legend: Miklo, «da Cat», «Miki», DORA, written by Alain Gardiner who went alongside him for years on the Basque Coast as well as in Malibu.
With his unique style, Miki Dora was a true icon and led a chaotic life including great travels around the world and petty scams for which he was jailed.

 Article du 29/08/2013 dans Sud-Ouest
 Article du 24/07/2013 dans Sud-Ouest
 On en parle dans La Semaine du Pays basque

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article paru

Tags : surfeur, Da Cat, arnaque, arnaqueur, Kerouac en short, Miklos Sandor Dora, Malibu

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